Family Life


A few days ago this happened:





And now I am going to send my oldest child off to her first day of school (well, she did go to preschool, but this is her first day of all-day public school).

I love watching kids grow up. I love new things. I like nervous feelings in your stomach because that means you’re living and trying and growing.

But it’s hard too. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with myself tomorrow, except for I will be so excited when it comes time to pick my daughter up and see her again. And I’ve told BB that he has a special day tomorrow and he can do whatever he wants. MM got her special day today, and besides going to the park, we mostly watched movies. But that was okay.

When you’re growing up, your parents really seem like they know a lot. But sometimes, we feel clueless. It’s good to be learning new things.


2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. i miss the cute curls, but he is still adorable. MM will love school, and its so much fun when they come home and tell you all about their day. (she’s a girl so she will, boys its usually how was your day fine, what did you do nothin and they are off.


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