Heather · Musings

They don’t matter

What if other people’s opinions stopped mattering so much to you?

What if you no longer desired any recognition?

What if you simply stopped caring what other people think about you, even those that are very close to you?

I think you might dress differently. Your house would look different. Your to-do list would change.

You would create more. Criticize less. Spend less time on social media. Compare less and live more freely. I think you would serve and love others more. Reach out without fear. And you would be happier.

It still is a work in progress, but I know I care less than I did when I was younger. I always sort of wanted recognition, to feel that I was doing something great and people were noticing. And now I’m not as concerned with that. And it means I’m writing, I’m blogging, and I’m making friends instead of second-guessing myself.

And I do feel happier.


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