Family Life

First day of school

Here is MM on her first day of kindergarten.



We were both nervous, I think. She was a bit excited, but I think she mostly didn’t know what to expect.

But she has friends she knows in her class, and new friends too. Since when we live in a small town, she has a kindergarten class of six kids, including her. And that seems just about perfect to me.

She loves school. It fits her so well. She loves recess. She loves the chocolate milk. She loves being with friends. She likes P.E. (she couldn’t remember the right letters and called it P.H. at first) and music and computers. She likes getting books from the library. She likes doing worksheets and art projects and music.

So I’m home with BB and SR now. It’s a lot quieter. And BB says that he doesn’t miss MM. He’s fine with entertaining himself, sometimes prefers it, and he likes more time with his mom.


So we’re getting adjusted to this school thing. I haven’t had to wake up early on a regular basis for five years, but we’re getting a routine down.

It’s a whole new stage and I’m happy to be in it.


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