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We went to the Fort Collins Temple open house. I am very excited to get a temple two hours from my house.

I miss the temple. When I was first married, I would go every week. When I had my first baby, a few times I woke up around 4 or 4:30 to feed her, and I got ready went to the temple first thing in the morning.

Later on, in Nevada, the temple was a little over an hour away, but we tried to go once a month. Sometimes, we would switch off tending kids while we went.

I tell you that because I want to relate how important the temple is. It’s where I feel the most peace. Where I feel at home.

And now we live further away from a temple than we ever have. But I miss going more often and I’m excited for the opportunity to be able to easily drive to a temple and back in a day.

It was good to have our family in the temple together. After that I had the privilege of walking through the open house with some friends and answering their questions.

The temple feels like heaven.

(For more information about temples, visit


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