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Camping, sort of

The end of the summer came and there was so much I wanted to do that didn’t get done. So we went camping in a hurry before it got too cold to go camping.


We have a campground literally within walking distance. And that’s where we went. We set up the tent and mostly just slept there. We had dinner at home and there was a fire ban anyway, so no campfires. Just enjoying the outside.

Dillon and little SR went back home to sleep. Dillon had work the next day, but he came and brought us breakfast in the morning.



The kids slept well. I did not. It was windy and so it was extremely loud. And then the wind tugging on the rain fly ended up pulling a tent stake out of the ground and I had to get up to fix that.

So at the end, I wondered why I went camping in the first place. But we did it this year and the kids were happy.


One thought on “Camping, sort of

  1. Not everyone gets “room service” from a park manager. How awesome is that. I realized I didn’t camp at all this summer, not even sort of, unless I count staying at your house in a state park. Yep that counts and I am very happy with that.


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