Family Life

Trail Camera Pictures and Other Critters

Dillon Hoyt

My wife and I went on a date about 10 days ago to set up a trail camera and she got to take pictures of flowers (also known as weeds). Today, we went to check the camera with our boys and we had a lot of pictures on it. Mostly, they were pictures of does and fawns. We had a few small muley bucks show up on the camera and one nice whitetail buck. We will have to wait and see if the whitetail buck comes back so we can get a better picture.


We saw a few antelope, deer, turkeys, and turkey vultures while we were out and about.


I think the boys had a good time hiking in the woods. BB was afraid that the alligators and crocodiles were going to get him in the woods. I don’t think we have any of those in Wyoming. Kids are the…

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