Family Life

Random Thoughts

  • I make to do lists, but I often don’t follow my lists and do something else instead. Like sort through toys. Or write 1,000 words of a project I’m not planning on working on yet.
  • I put half my toys away in a closet and the kids haven’t noticed. They still mostly just play with the dress-ups, the play kitchen stuff, the dinosaurs, and the crayons.
  • Some days I do things like make whole wheat cookies and rolls, mop my floor, clean my whole house and go to multiple social events.
  • Other days I break all my internet rules and play computer games, watch YouTube videos, let the house be messy, and don’t have a plan for dinner.
  • Some days are in-between. Does that mean I lead a balanced life or is that terribly unbalanced since I’m a bit of a roller coaster?
  • I got a blister on my hand today from using a pickaxe. I don’t know if that makes me sound tough or just sort of a wuss.
  • Today, the song Skidamarink came on and BB went to the bookshelf, found the appropriate book (and five other books I have look just the same), found the right page, and said, “It’s this song!” He was right. I have no idea how he did it.
  • My daughter MM sits and writes all the time. She loves to write words down on paper. I have a paper sitting next to me that has her full name and then, “The scriptures teach . . .” and then she got all messed up, but she keeps trying to write everything even though she uses all capital letters and she doesn’t understand about spaces between words yet. I love it.
  • All my kids like to climb, and SR is constantly found on a step stool. Sometimes he drags it around and climbs up at random places. And then yesterday, he got two different shoes, had Dillon put them on, and then went to the front door. And then came back inside. And then went outside and Dillon him to the car and SR decided he wanted to drive.

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