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A day in my life right now

A day in my life:

  • My alarm goes off. Sometimes I get up. Sometimes I dismiss it and wait for my husband’s alarm instead.
  • Read scriptures. I had a goal to read all the scriptures this year (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants). And I also did it in (roughly) chronological order. Right now in I’m about 34 A.D.
  • Exercise. I’m not really very good at it, but I do something. Like a seven-minute workout or running three-quarters of a mile.
  • Get breakfast for kids. I actually made pancakes today. It was weird. We do cereal a lot.
  • Get kids ready.
  • Get myself ready, if I have time before I take MM to school. Sometimes I don’t have time so my hair is a crazy mess when I drop her off.
  • Drop MM off at school. The boys sometimes like to play on the playground (as long as I’m not still in my pajamas).
  • Come home. Clean the house (sometimes this takes all morning and I don’t know how it does that besides I get distracted).
  • Play with my boys.
  • Work on my yard, if I feel like it. I’ve been raking layers of dead grass out of my back yard so I can plant new lawn.
  • Sometimes we go to the library, or to preschool, or grocery shopping, or things like that in the morning.
  • Lunch. Dillon usually comes home.
  • SR takes a nap. BB usually doesn’t.
  • I work on the computer, blogging or writing or wasting time on the internet. Currently working on writing a history of one of my Grandpa’s. I’ve been trying to do one project on the computer at a time (in addition to blogging/editing photos, which is ongoing), which relieved a lot of stress in my life.
  • Pick MM up from school. We almost always play on the playground after school.
  • Come home. MM just learned how to tie her shoes. We’re still practicing on that.
  • Cook dinner. I’ve been trying quite a few new recipes lately, which has made me actually want to cook dinner more. Today I’m going to cook stir fry and wantons, which is not a new meal, but one that we’re always excited for.
  • In the evening, we go looking for deer sometimes. Or play games. Or watch television. Or sometimes we have things to go and do, like teach scouts.
  • Tubs.
  • Bedtime for the kids.
  • Watch a television show with my husband. We have exactly two Doctor Who episodes left of season 9 and then we have to find a new show again.
  • Go to bed.
  • And I always, always read before falling asleep. It’s sort of a bad habit, sort of a good one.

I’m not always good with routines, but school has brought quite a bit of structure in our life. It’s sort of nice, really. Most days.


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