Family Life

Silly, silly

There are so many good moments. Like this, when MM was playing with stickers:



And when SR thinks he’s going to run away:


(He actually has run away before. We live back behind my husband’s work and Dillon brought him home one day. I don’t know why I’m posting on my blog since it was a bit neglectful on my part; but I didn’t realize the gate was open and he had escaped. I’m more careful now.)

We’ve had a lot of bugs and BB likes to kill them. Sometimes with his bare hands.


Then there was this time when SR felt like he needed Oreos for dinner. He was crying quite a bit about it.


He got an Oreo.


Other funny moments:

MM learned about germs in school and I kissed her and she it was yucky because I was sharing my germs.

One time, MM was playing and she decided that she would make forms for us to fill out. Yup. Forms.

BB said he wanted to be a dinosaur when he grew up. I don’t think he quite understands. But usually his answer for any question is dinosaur.


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