We moved to this house quite a while ago, but we’ve finally, we’ve been getting around to fixing up our yard. Slowly. Very slowly.

Step one: cut out dead or mostly dead trees.






Step two: make a front garden. I should have made it bigger, but I didn’t. I dug out small trenches to put in some railroad ties we had around, and it took way too much time and energy so I’m not changing it now. We need to stick mulch on there too, but that wasn’t part of step two.


Step three: rake out dead grass.


The back lawn had not been mowed for quite a few years previously, and most of it had died and been replaced by cheat grass or similar, and then the weeds had died and there was quite a lot of dead plant stuff in our back yard. So we started raking.


And I’m still raking. I’ve gotten all the places you can see in the photos above done, but there still is half a yard to go. We have moved a great many wheelbarrows full of dead grass out of yard in order for us to plant some new grass. Work in progress.

Life is a work in progress.

I’ll update it when we make some more progress. But it will be a while. Working on your yard is very slow.


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