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My power went out today. While it was a planned outage, I didn’t know about it and it derailed my plans for the day.

For a minute, I was angry. And I let myself be a little angry, but I knew it wouldn’t last long at all.

Because I thought of people who don’t have electricity on a daily basis. Then I couldn’t be angry anymore, knowing that I’m not somehow entitled to electricity (I don’t even pay the power bill right now). It’s a blessing–something I take for granted.

We tend to ignore all the good things in life and focus on all the bad things. It’s a little bit of our nature, but it doesn’t have to be. We can remember how supremely blessed we are and how many good things we have, things that others do without.

Electricity powers my life: computer, internet, lights, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, water pressure, piano, heater–and then it charges my phone, camera, and other devices.

I had totally and completely forgotten the background hum of electricity in my life. For a few hours today, it was quiet. I liked that it was quiet for a minute. And I liked when I could turn on the various machines and the heater and refrigerator kicked on.

We don’t have to be grateful for only the good times and the good things; we can also be grateful for the hard times, too. The hard times can change us–and I think sometimes what we want most is to become better and stronger.


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