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We are literal children of God. We lived with Him as spirits before we came to this earth.

We made a choice to come down to earth so that we could obtain a body and so we could grow and learn. We were given the ability to choose good or evil. We undergo pain, suffering, darkness. We make mistakes, a lot of them. Life isn’t easy and it isn’t always be fair.

But Jesus Christ would provide an Atonement, and He would suffer for all our mistakes and all our pain so that we can repent and change. He would provide a way that was easier and fair, because with the Atonement we can have hope in a better world.

On earth, we are trying to follow Jesus Christ because we want to live with our Heavenly Father again–because we went to be happy. We can make promises to our Heavenly Father, covenants where we promise to keep His commandments and we receive His Spirit into our hearts to help guide and strengthen us.

While death comes to all of us, it is not the end. Jesus Christ arose from the dead and provided a resurrection for all of us. We can live again.

We will be judged, and a place will provided where we will be happy.

That makes me feel happy right now. I can choose to be happy. This life isn’t the end and every wrong can be made right. It is a blessing to know these things, to feel the peace they bring.

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