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A very normal Thanksgiving

I was hosting Thanksgiving this year, and so of course I thought about decorations at the last minute, like after the turkey was in the oven and the guests had already arrived. I quickly searched Google for a Thanksgiving banner, found one, printed it, and hung it up with scotch tape. I would give credit to whoever made it, but I didn’t keep track and they may not want to be associated with my Thanksgiving decorations anyway.


I also thought of centerpieces. And I realized I had some squash in the cupboard. Centerpieces! Super complicated, but it was worth it.


And I did print out place mats. You could color on them. Even the adults. Mostly it helped me remember how to set a table properly, because I was wrong.

The  little table below consists of a vintage tablecloth I got from my grandma and a mason jar with a piece of a dead lilac bush in it. And gigantic olives.


So, as you can clearly discern, I am absolutely NOT a perfectionist. Take rainbow jell-o. It’s a beautiful thing, but the photographed piece below happens to be the very center piece, which is why you can actually see most of the layers. On the edges, things got very uneven. One of the pieces I ate was mostly lemon. The other was mostly grape. It all tastes good. (Recipe for rainbow jell-o: Start with six 3-oz packages of jell-o, arranged in rainbow order. Boil one cup of water. Dissolve one package of jell-o in water. Split that in half. Add to one half 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. Add to the other half 3 tablespoons of cold water. Pour the yogurt layer, let it set. Pour the other layer. Repeat with the layers until you have poured twelve layers of jell-o and it’s time to go to bed, because this will take all day. Also, the store I went to did not have blue in 3-oz packages and so I had to get a 6-oz package and then make some extra blue jell-o on the side.)


I did nothing fancy this thanksgiving. All my recipes were tried and true. All my cranberries came from a can.


And we all loved it. Except the gravy. Gravy is an art, not a science, and we just don’t get along.


(Little SR was asleep while the rest of us ate. He got his own little Thanksgiving dinner when he woke up.)


Thanksgiving is one of my absolutely favorite holidays. For one thing, gratitude is sort of the one thing that will solve all your problems and lead to inner peace and happiness. For another thing, I LOVE the food. And the leftovers. I still have some.


Now on to Christmas. Except for it’s not tomorrow, like my 3-year-old son continually asks.


2 thoughts on “A very normal Thanksgiving

  1. I love this!! Glad we could grow your centerpieces ( I presume they came from us. After 52 years of living I finally made two kinds of cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries, so super easy and so absolutely yummy I will never buy a can again.


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