Family Life


So there was this adorable video about making a marble run. I followed the instructions, except for mine sort of looked, well, less put-together and more like random items mangled together with hot glue. But it worked. And entertained the kids for about five minutes, and then sat around for a few days and was never played with again.


Grandma Claire came and visited. Ages ago, actually. And I took one picture:

It also snowed. Really snowed. And it was exciting because it was snow in November. Snow in April: not exciting.


The first time it snowed, it was too powdery to make a snowman. So we just made a snowman head.



Finding a good sledding hill is essential to having a good winter. And we found a perfect one for my little kids right near my house. Sort of in someone else’s yard, but no one actually lives there right now, so we’re good.


We also went to this fall festival. Barely. Dillon had gone hunting and severely underestimated the time he would be gone by about four hours. But we made it to the end of the event, in enough time to get face painting and free pizza and cotton candy.


Face paint is fun except for it may not completely come off, leading everyone at church the next day to think your daughter is blushing. Which was adorable, except for she’s wasn’t blushing. She just has leftover pink paint on her face.


Sometimes we take really random pictures of nothing.



And then there was this moment:


This was totally unplanned. Really. In fact, we got dressed in different states that day at totally different times. And we both ended up in maroon pants and black shirts with tiny polka-dots. I’ve actually made a point NOT to match with my twin sister over the years, so this only happens by accident.

More from my sister’s visit:


Men on Thanksgiving.


Playing at the park:


Deer in the backyard. I don’t care anymore about deer in the yard. Or particularly rabbits, who are always hanging around. But when people visit, I remember that not everyone deals with wildlife constantly. In fact, when I did make an actual snowman one time (not pictured), it contained a fair amount of poop from my front yard from the deer and the rabbits.


And finally, Christmas decorations.


My tree actually looks sort of good. Maybe even a little fancy. It has glitter on it, and it’s leaking glitter all over the place. Some people don’t like glitter because the inability to clean it up sufficiently, but I found that I enjoy it. If I’m going to have a mess, it might as well sparkle.



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