Family Life

Christmas Card 2016

So I try to do something a little bit creative for my Christmas card. Because I can. And this year, I wrote our own personal lyrics to, “Home on the Range.”

Because it sort of just fit our life right now.



Oh, we searched and we roamed ‘till we got us a home
where the deer and the antelope play.
At a state park, where there we embarked
on adventures to fill up our days.

Home, home by the lake.
Where the kids and the rabbits play.
Where often is heard sweet children’s words,
and we manage to get through each day.

Dillon found a career, and he photographs deer.
He works as an assistant superintendent.
He sometimes mountain bikes, or he goes for a hike.
He’s stubborn and quite independent.

Heather likes to canoe and she knows what to do
when the children ask for their Mom.
She takes photos and writes, likes to sleep through the night,
and she mostly just tries to stay calm.

MM started school; she’s pretty cool.
She’s made a lot of new friends.
She’s learning to spell and she colors so well,
and she loves to play pretend.

BB loves dinosaurs and he likes to roar.
He climbs all over the place.
He learns lots from books, at animals he looks.
And sometimes he falls on his face.

SR is a sweet boy; he is quite a joy.
He’s slowly learning to talk.
He likes to giggle, and he likes to wiggle.
He smiles and takes wandering walks.

Now it’s stuck in my head again . . .


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