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preventing shutdowns

It’s winter. It’s harder to get things done because it’s cold and dark. And there have been many morning where I have struggle to get going. I had lots to do, or at lots I could do, but I just didn’t do much of anything. I shut down.

I finally discovered a small thing that helped me: Do one small thing.

Instead of saying that I needed to get going and do everything, I have more motivation to do one small task.

Instead of cleaning my whole house, I can clear off the kitchen counter. Instead of editing photos and writing a blog post, I can jot a few notes down. Instead of doing preschool/homework/crafts/etc. with my kids, I can read them a story.

It’s just a lot more encouraging to start off with something small. And then I totally do some positive self-talk when that thing gets done, even if it was small. That keeps me going to do the next small thing, and the next.

So right now, I’m on to the next small thing. And eventually, most everything will get done.


2 thoughts on “preventing shutdowns

  1. Sometimes I actually do better when I do the opposite: give myself almost too much to do. I like the challenge. Really, you have to figure out what works for you, and sometimes different things work at different times.


  2. All big things are simply a series of smaller things. Even when we think we are doing something big we realize that it is just a bunch of smaller things we are doing. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s the small things that make big accomplishments. 🙂


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