I’ve been busy lately. Some things don’t get done. Like editing photos and cleaning (but I’m a firm believer in picking up the house and doing dishes every day). A lot has been getting done. I’m working on MM’s Christmas present furiously, and it’s turning out great. More on that later. I’m also working on self-publishing a novel (which technically I did in 2012, but it was a sub-par product that I took offline and now I am making a LOT better). More on that later. I’m also practicing some piano songs, helping my husband with his graduate school project and some work things, taking care of my kiddos, cooking meals, finishing Christmas preparations–all that good stuff.

I’m busy enough that I keep writing this blog post and I get interrupted or distracted with other things to do.

So Merry Christmas. I think I’ll take a break for a few days and then I’ll be back to post old photos, share our Christmas, and update you with my life and the things I’ve been working on.


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