Family Life

Christmas 2016

All my Christmas decorations are gone. Christmas is fun, but it’s nice when it’s over.

Christmas Eve, we talked about the Nativity and sang songs, of course.img_8594



And the kids opened presents that they picked out for each other. img_8600

And MM made sure we left out some milk and cookies for Santa Claus. img_8605

And she hung her stocking with care. img_8608

This is what she woke up to Christmas morning:img_8618


It’s a doll house you can build and configure however you want. On one side, there are drawings of a house, and the other side is a whiteboard you can draw on. It also came with 35 pieces of furniture and 8 pipe cleaner dolls. img_8620

I worked really hard on this project. The design isn’t perfect, or close to, but it’s still fun.



SR woke up to this race track:

And BB very excitedly woke up to Legos.



Dillon got his Christmas presents early, so his pile was very small. img_8630

My pile was slightly bigger, but neither of us care about presents that much.



This was the wrapping paper the kids went through:img_8632


And here they are on Christmas morning:img_8635


They were very happy. img_8640



MM gave me a present. She had painted this picture at her school, with the help of her bus driver, actually. She said she didn’t paint the horse, but she worked on everything else. img_8657



There is a lot not pictured. We went to church–there was a storm coming in, and MM prayed that we would make it to church, and the storm came a few hours later than it should have so that we could make it there and back safely. When we got home, the snow and the wind picked up quite a lot.

We also had a few more presents to open. I gave my kids a Kindle Fire, which I love because there are really good parental controls so they only get 30 minutes on it every day. They also got Disney Cranium and new crayons. And a family memory game, and new outfits from Grandma, and some more board games from the other Grandma, and sticker books, and dinosaurs, and lots of good things.

I love playing with new stuff and spending time with family. I don’t like ham, so that needs to stop being a thing on Christmas. I need a new meat selection. I do love frog eye salad, which I make every Christmas. And I love the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

It’s such a big, convoluted holiday. But it’s pretty awesome too.


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