Family Life

New Year

We visited family for New Year’s Eve. And we had a really good time–two parties and lots of family around.

The first New Year’s Eve countdown we roughly celebrated with London, though we were around five minutes off. img_8744

We turned on a countdown on the television and went for it.

And the kids celebrated. Sort of.img_8750

And the adults really didn’t care too much.img_8753

BB didn’t really get it. img_8755


My parents danced. img_8763

New Year’s Eve always seems to be weird–we have this countdown and then everything is just the same as it used to be.


I guess I’m not very good at celebrating in general. But I like good food family and family.img_8776

(I don’t know if there was any music going on while they danced. They might have just danced.)

Second party. We had a “C” themed party, which included chicken nuggets and crepes. And cousins. SR was so tired he did not want to take a picture.img_8794

Run away!img_8804

Yeah, don’t try to take good quality pictures of children when it’s past bedtime. It doesn’t really work. img_8808And we’re now twelve days into the new year and life continues as normal, but it’s a good time to have a new start and to try a bit harder.


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