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We actually haven’t had much snow lately, and it’s been warm enough that we went and played at the playground yesterday. But when it was cold and snowy, we had to go sledding, of course.

Growing up, I had a hill in my backyard, right out the back door, and so every time it snowed it didn’t take long before we were out there sledding. We had contests to see how far we could get. And then ten minutes later we would come back in, dropping all our snow gear and demanding hot chocolate.

So I’ve always loved sledding. Right now, we have a plastic sled bought from a grocery store, but it works just fine. It can fit two kids easily, or a kid an adult, or on rare occasion, two adults and one kid.

SR doesn’t really like sledding yet, though he puts up with it. MM and BB like it quite a bit. And as the adult, I have the hard job of pulling them around a lot. Though sometimes I ride down a hill myself.

And now I’m hoping for more snow so we can go sledding again.

Do you like sledding?











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