Family Life

pictures of my kids

I love my kids. And I’m very happy that I’m going to have another one in June. To be honest, I don’t like babies (in general, not individually). I like to talk to my kids. And make them laugh. And have them do their own thing and come up with their own ideas. Some people LOVE babies, but that’s not me. I have babies so I can have older children later on.

But they don’t stay babies for very long, and I enjoy them while they are babies. But I love watching them grow up.

My little SR is learning to talk and sing and play and follow instructions. BB is learning letters and dinosaurs and science–he loves learning. MM can read short, simple books and we can have complex conversations. And it’s wonderful to have all these kids and to enjoy their personalities and their individuality. I’m excited to have one more kid, so I can enjoy the growth and the smiles and the love. Being a mom is just awesome sometimes.










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