I check Facebook. (More than I should, probably, but right now it’s limited to the hours of 12:30-1:00 and from 7:30-9:00.)

I have these expectations when I log in that there will be something interesting on Facebook. And by interesting, I mean something I care about. Like someone sharing news about their life. Or posting entertaining pictures of what’s happening. Or sharing a funny anecdote about their day. I’d even take conversation about the weather.

There is some of that, but very little.

The majority of what I find on my Facebook timeline is political talk, memes, people sharing super random videos. Lots and lots of pictures and stories of people I don’t know or care about.

Many people are much more tactful, respectful, and original in real life then they what their Facebook profiles are. They thankfully talk about real subjects instead of sharing from others; they talk about their own lives instead of trending issues.

And there are so many lurkers on Facebook, people on Facebook who never talk up. It’s like this huge room full of people. Most people are totally silent. And the few people who are talking are mostly saying something random, or something someone else said, or something that borders on offensive.

I don’t find friendship on Facebook.

I love those posts that people actually write instead of just share. Posts that don’t deal with politics. Posts that deal with people’s lives and how they are doing.

They are so rare. There were about two when I checked Facebook today. Two posts I mildly cared about, and I had to scroll through all the others to find them.

I used to go onto a forum and I made friends there. We talked in the forum. We talked about books. And writing. And ideas. It was a conversation.

I want Facebook to be that conversation. To be about friendship again. To be about people actually creating content, talking instead of sharing. About expressing a bit of themselves instead of hiding behind memes and hashtags.

Have you been posting on Facebook lately?

If you’re silent, why? Why not speak up and share something interesting and original?

If you’ve been primarily posting about politics, how about we take a break? For a minute? Isn’t there something else to talk about?

Can we share ideas with each other?

Can we share our lives with each other?

Can we share a little bit of ourselves?


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