10 confessions for today

  1. My outfit entirely came from Wal-Mart. This happens quite often lately. Either I have no style, I don’t care how I look, Wal-Mart’s clothes aren’t that bad, or I’m cheap–or all of the above.
  2. I’m glad that they add vitamins to cereal because my kids eat a lot of cereal.
  3. My kids like oatmeal, so sometimes we do have oatmeal. But I don’t like it and I usually eat cereal instead.
  4. Frozen pizza is a regular dinner at our house, usually with cottage cheese and canned pineapple. And carrots, if I remember.
  5. I drop off my daughter to school everyday and I’m almost always in my pajamas with my hair a complete mess. Sometimes I’m not wearing proper pants–only leggings.
  6. Sometimes I don’t care how many movies my kids watched for the day.
  7. Sometimes I tell my daughter she can’t have any ice cream and then I eat it after the kids are in bed.
  8. I used to never swear, and then I become a mother. And now I’m happy didn’t swear the whole month of January. But that’s it. February is already lost. (I had a bad moment last night.)
  9. I still get a little scared when I call people on the phone.
  10. Sometimes I take photos when I’m driving.



3 thoughts on “10 confessions for today

  1. These made me laugh. I did # 5 all the time, and there was the time I did it, left two kids home alone, and got in a wreck, and life went on! I can say I have never done #10, probably because I’ve only taken 10 pictures of anything my whole life. 🙂


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