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Creating yourself

So I used to think that I wasn’t mechanically minded. Because I thought that, I never tried very hard. Fixing and building things were for other people.

And then I got older and impatient with other people, and I started fixing and building things. Because I wanted the end result.

Well, it turns out I was wrong about myself. I do just fine fixing and building things. I can operate power tools, design pieces of furniture, and fix things around the house. Sometimes I need instructions, but I am perfectly capable.

I found out I actually like designing and building things quite a lot. I’m not the best at it, but I’m improving and very much enjoying my time.

The point is, we often give ourselves these limiting labels, and they aren’t true. We say that we aren’t very smart, for example (my husband thought this for a while; he’s now getting a master’s degree). Or we’re not good at gardening, or fixing things, or writing, or hundreds of other things. Sometimes others give us our labels and we believe them.

We think we have to find what we’re naturally good at, and that’s it.

But we don’t find ourselves as much as create ourselves. We can pretty much do anything we set our minds to, and it has a lot more to do with working hard and learning than it has to do with natural ability.

Just because we aren’t good at something right now doesn’t mean we can’t learn and be good at in the future. A lot of times we aren’t good at something simply because we don’t want to be. And that’s fine.

But we have a lot of choice in the matter, and we really can do more than we think we can.



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