Different types of good days

I write in my journal every day and a lot of times I categorize my days as either good or bad. It’s not a very healthy practice, really, but I keep doing it.

But today was a strange day–I woke up later than normal. And I stayed in my pajamas until 1:00 in the afternoon because I was working on various projects–painting, cutting, and sanding. I let myself get distracted by working on some other things I wanted to. I talked to my mom on the phone for a while. We had bananas and snicker-doodles for lunch. I let my boys make a wreck of the house, and I let them interrupt me by reading stories and watching what they were doing.

And it was a really good morning. But there are other good mornings that look nothing like that.

There are good mornings when I wake up early and I stay on task. There are good mornings when I spend the whole day playing with my kids. Or mornings when I get a lot of cleaning done.

Sometimes I get into this mindset that good days will look a certain way: get up early, get my house clean, exercise, shower, play with my kids, get other projects done–basically doing everything single good thing I can and fitting it into the day. But that’s impossible to do day after day after day. Some days are for relaxing, some for recreation, some for service, or some for getting things done. It’s all good, and every day is going to look a little bit different.

There are days when I don’t make the best choices, like when I get distracted and ignore everything important. But I don’t have to force every day into a certain template. Because good moments are all very different.



One thought on “Different types of good days

  1. Very well said. Sometimes if we are too regimented in our plan the spirit has a hard time nudging us to do something different and important. “Give us this day our daily bread” Each day is its own and should be treated as such.


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