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Making the Sabbath a delight with young children

How do you make the Sabbath a delight with your young children?

So my kids don’t really like Sunday right now. Or at least they think they don’t like it. Sunday means then have to drive thirty minutes to church, and then have to sit still when they don’t really want to for a long, long time. Sunday means they can’t watch certain things on television. And they are often required to take naps. And it’s just not a very fun day.

But in reality, they actually do all right. Today they enjoyed their lessons in primary. And were excited to get a piece of candy after church. They were very tired, so they didn’t complain about naps. And they played a lot together, got to go outside, and watched a lot of fun church videos. We also have family council, which they seem okay with. And we often do interviews with them, which they also really like. We always have breakfast for dinner on Sunday, which usually include something sweet.

I’ve been trying to make this a day a delight. And it’s sort of hard sometimes. Because there are things that they can’t do on Sundays. It sometimes feels restrictive. But I want to focus more on what they can do. I’m still looking for answers. I know that my attitude has a lot to do with it. I know that if I spend more time with them, they are more likely to enjoy their Sunday. And so we’ll keep working on it.

I think this most important thing is that I’m trying not just to get through Sundays, but to make them really great days. And with little moments, maybe we’re doing that at least a little bit.



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