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What’s going on lately

I’m posting pictures of my house, but a lot of it has changed since I took these pictures. Like I decided to put my computer desk in a bedroom. I wanted to be more intentional about our computer use (which also serves as our TV). It’s worked pretty well. The living room now just has books, games, couches, a piano–it’s a place to visit and play and enjoy ourselves.


I’ve been trying to be pretty productive lately and working on a lot of projects. Some projects get abandoned or not quite finished. And I always want to have time to help others and spend quality time with my family. I’ve been using a paper planner and it’s helped me quite a lot to do more–not that things always get done, but they get done more. img_9123

I love quiet moments to myself, but they don’t happen often. But that’s okay, really. img_9127

Because I probably love spending time with my kids more. I love them quite a lot. I don’t know if loving your kids a lot always is immediate and natural–it hasn’t necessarily been for me. It’s been something I have worked on in my life, something I’ve improved upon. img_9133  Yesterday, MM wanted to do something and we finally came up with cooking brownies together. She’s eaten a whole lot of brownies.img_9135 (I have a better curtain in my dining room now than the one below.) We don’t have a very good space to eat in. Someone is usually wedged in the corner, but that’s okay. We still have family dinner every night. Sometimes BB only eats his vegetables, and he won’t touch anything else. He’s a little backwards, but I’ll take it. img_9136 So exercise has always been a struggle for me. Except for I do really good at things like five or seven minute workouts. I don’t do so good at biking or running or yoga for more than fifteen minutes. But I keep trying to tell myself that five minutes is better than no minutes.
img_9142 I rearranged a lot recently, so the bedroom below no longer has any toys in it. I love rearranging so very much. I feel like it sort of switches your life up a little bit, makes you think of things differently and do things differently. And sometimes you do things better when stuff is arranged differently. Whenever I move the toys, the kids end up playing with them more, for example.
img_9147 I painted my unfinished dressers, finally, so they’re white now. But I waited so long to paint them that they are also a bit broken. They work good enough. img_9150 I kept reorganizing my house until I basically stuck everything into this one closet. If anyone asks where something is, chances are it’s in the hall closet. Super useful.
img_9153 My daughter does word searches before bed most nights. She’s almost done a whole book of them. She can read a little bit now, but it’s just matching letters that she enjoys. img_9158 I painted this crib too (white). Painting cribs is not easy. But I like the white better than the brown. I don’t like brown that much. And do you see my house? It’s very brown. Oh well. I’m trying to like it a little bit better–because it’s what I have. img_9159 I recently also went through and took photos of all the journals we have–which is quite a lot. So that way if they got lost or burned or flooded or whatever, I have a backup copy of them. img_9160 I’ve been busy, in a way, but nothing is terribly urgent. There is still plenty of down time. Plenty of flexible time. I’m working on writing a book and I got behind schedule and sat down and wrote nine-ten pages in about an hour and a half. It was exhausting, in a way, but also very thrilling. I don’t usually have that sort of focus. img_9165 It’s so much fun to be at home–and fun to go places too. My kids are good at self-entertaining, and I think it’s okay. I spend time with them, but I also like when they just do their own thing. img_9170

Life is very good. There are always so many good things in life, even in difficulties. I feel happy and I keep worrying in the back of my head if it’s going to all fall apart–but it doesn’t have to. Happiness can last, even in difficult times. That’s what I’m hoping for. That’s what I’m trying for.


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