Family Life

around the house

There are so many good moments to ordinary life.

Corn starch and shaving cream. (And Dillon riding his bike and talking on the phone in the background.)

Valentine’s Day:

So my kids don’t like cinnamon rolls from a tube. I do. But they just don’t. It’s weird.

Lots of smiles.

Sometimes there are blue skies and good light.

Sometimes we play with the camera.

Dillon got a new bow. Archery has just been a part of our life ever since I met Dillon. Our last name is Hoyt, after all, which is a popular bow brand.

My kids like to eat cereal. They’ll stick it sandwich bags and snack.

I often have a kid on my lap when I’m on the computer. Right now, when I’m writing this, there is a kid on my lap.

MM ready for school:

Sometimes it’s good to the get the camera out and just tell people to smile. Smiling is good.

They were actually happy to be swinging.

Final thought: I don’t know if this is accurate, but according to a website I looked at, where I live has the most amount of snowfall in March. You think March is spring, and it sort of is, but often there are huge snowstorms with lots of inches of snow. That melt into mud. And repeat. It’s sort of like labor: you have contractions (snow), but at least you get the breaks between contractions (warm days).

And yet they keep having snow makeup days in March. That makes no sense when we often have the worst snowstorms of the season in March.


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