Family Life


We went to a trail that no longer really exists because it gets flooded regularly. There are still some signs and benches and part of the trail is good, but there are also a lot of sticks and washed-out portions. It makes it a bit more exciting. The kids were picking up sticks and exploring the whole time. My littlest one loves to walk, so we went at quite a slow pace. There were geese flying overhead, tree trunks to hop over, and meadows to cross. And when we came back to the car, we ate part of our emergency stash of granola bars while looking at pheasant feathers.

There are certain moments in life that are just so good. Yesterday, we went on a tiny walk and blew bubbles in the wind and watched them as they went across the wetlands. Today, we were on a drive to look at deer and I also saw a bald eagle and a golden eagle flying together over the lake. I don’t have pictures of those moments, but it doesn’t matter. They existed.


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