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There is usually snow in March where I live. But we’ve been lucky. It’s been warm. Cloudy. Some rain. And barely any snow this March. I’ve been working on the yard, constructing my garden, sticking down mulch, and hoping my grass seed grows. It’s still a large work in progress. Yards always are. I don’t really know what I’m doing anyway, but it doesn’t matter. You can always get the lawn mower and mow things down and start over. As I was putting dead stuff on my garden, I was thinking how weird it was that I was using dead plants to feed my living plants.

I would like to be done with snow for the season. I got out sprinklers to test them out and my daughter got into her swim suit and went running around in the sprinklers. But it’s really not summer yet. She also wanted to go swimming in the lake, only to find out that it is extremely cold.

Here’s pictures from back when there was snow.


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