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I love watching people cook and eat food. More than I like to cook and eat food. Maybe that’s weird. I would probably rather watch someone in a video go to a restaurant and describe their experience than do it myself. Partly because of price–watching a video is generally free–and partly because other people like food a whole lot more than I do. And if they’re eating something super sweet or greasy or whatever, I don’t have to deal with the negative consequences.

Anyway. I saw a recipe for brownie no-bake cheesecake and I decided to try it. It took quite a bit of work to make the brownies, let them cool, then make the no-bake chocolate cheesecake on the top. I also hand-whipped cream, forgetting that it takes absolutely forever.

But the end result was delicious and didn’t look half bad.

About a week later, I was in the mood to bake something. We were thinking cookie bars, and so I found a recipe for funfetti bars. Except for I had very few of the ingredients. So I improvised. I got a chocolate cake mix and combined it with a stick of butter and an egg. I pressed part of it into a pan and covered it with sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips. And then I put the rest of the cake mix mixture on top. Baked at 350 for thirty minutes or so. It took me about five minutes to prepare.

And it tasted just as good as the brownie no-bake cheesecake did.

I like cooking things that are quick and easy. Whenever I spend forever cooking, sometimes I don’t even like the results. And then it just makes me feel bad that I wasted all this time when I could have stuck some canned chili and cheese on some tortilla chips or opened a box of Twinkies and it would have tasted better.

I’ll leave the intense recipes for rare occasions. And I’ll continue to watch people cook and eat food because it is so much easier than actually cooking.


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