Family Life

things are happening

I love my kids so very much. I love being their mother. I’ve felt too busy lately–cleaning and writing and planning and working on projects–because the best parts of my life aren’t getting my to-do list done, but spending time with my kids. Laughing with them. Reading with them. Creating with them.

It’s so amazing to be a mother and such a huge blessing. I’m going to have four kids before I turn 30. And that seems just right for me, because in a way my life started when I became mother and everything before that just seems preparatory. I love my kids.

I make so many mistakes, but that’s okay. We all do. And I just keep pressing forward and trying.

SR loves looking out the window:

We made a swamp:

BB had a pet fly–it couldn’t fly anymore. He played with it for a long time. Until his younger brother squished it. 

It was windy, so we went out and saw what could fly away in the wind.

I made French toast. And all three of my kids were eating it for breakfast and it seemed like such an accomplishment that I had to take a picture of it. Mostly it’s cereal for breakfast.

I have pictures in the same post with my daughter in a snowsuit and with her in a swimsuit. Because that right there is spring.


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