Family Life


I love canoeing. It was such a beautiful spring day. We spent the morning working on our yard–fixing the backyard fence and setting up a garden. And then we went canoeing. MM wanted it to be summer and thought she could go swimming, but the water was much too cold for that. But it was still a beautiful day.

I was planning on coming back and relaxing after canoeing, but that’s when our plumbing woes started. Dillon turned on an outdoor faucet and a pipe broke, and then some shut-off valves broke. And we had to fix it. And we did. Eventually. We also have roots in our pipes, but only in part of our house.

The day was full and busy and sort of wonderful too. Canoeing is much more enjoyable than working on plumbing. But all of it is just life. You deal with problems and you have good times too. And problems can be enjoyable too, in their own way.


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