Family Life

Vacation, Part 1

We had an epic vacation. It was quite long, but wonderful still. And the kids pretty much loved every second of it. They even liked driving. And staying in cheap hotels–they thought it was awesome and were jumping off the beds.

We went through snow, of course, because spring break has to include snow.

Even with all the driving, the kids were great. They even said driving was one of their favorite parts at some points–we had worksheets and played games likes asking questions, would you rather, or looking for a certain color of cars. And we had movies.

We visited a lot of family. We visited my sister Emily and her kids (I forgot to take pictures). The kids just played and played together. We also visited my grandparents.

And we stopped by Cove Fort. Because we could.

We had to see Grandma Elaine too.

And we stayed the night with Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Gerry.

So the first few days (Friday through Sunday) were relaxed and full of driving and visiting with people.

Next time, we’ll finally make it to our destination: San Diego.


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