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Vacation Part 2

So we made it San Diego eventually. We drove over four days to make it there, which is really slow, but there was a lot of family to see on the way.

Our first stop was La Jolla Cove. Parking was a nightmare–in fact, when you live in Wyoming, you NEVER see traffic. Google Maps tries to show me traffic alerts in my area sometimes and that’s absolutely ridiculous because the only traffic happens is when deer or cows are on the road. Or the roads are closed because of snow. So going to a place where you have to circle around three times to find parking is just weird. And there are so many turns and other cars and . . . well, California driving is incredibly different than Wyoming driving. We were quite stressed at the beginning but we got used to it.

The kids loved playing in the ocean. Especially my daughter.

Except the little one didn’t like it when his feet got wet. It scared him and he fell down and it was just a tragedy for a minute.

My daughter lost another tooth right before vacation.

After La Jolla Cove, we went to Cabrillo National Monument. We had so much fun hiking around and seeing the wildflowers and the tide pools.

I actually slipped and fell at one point, which was just horribly embarrassing and so of course I’m sharing it on my blog.

And after we went to dinner with my sister, we went to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site, where MM got to be dressed up like a laundress.

Vacation always includes a lot of cartoons on the television. And some HGTV or Food Network.

One last picture for you of the San Diego Temple:

Next up: Lego Land and Sea World.


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