Family Life

Vacation Part 3

So we went to LEGOLAND.

It’s definitely aimed at smaller children, so my kids all had a pretty good time. I spent a while watching toddlers while others went on rides. 

And of course we played with Legos while at Legoland. 

Driving school was fun. 

And MM really liked taking this picture. 

Of course there were lots of Lego sculptures.

We didn’t do nearly all the rides we could, partly because the lines were a little too long for a lot of them. But there were lots of fun things to do anyway.

My little son throws a temper tantrum when there is ice cream around. He think he likes it, but then it’s always frustrating to eat because it’s hard to scoop up.

And the next day was Sea World. 

This is so funny:

He did not fall in with the rays. 

BB said to me, very calm and quiet, “Can you find a ride for me and SR to go on?” Because he wasn’t quite tall enough for a few of them. But we found him some.

It was sometimes a little bit exhausting, but good too.

Play time:

And a much-needed nap. SR was acting like a zombie before this. He forgot a bit how to walk and talk properly.

Two very enjoyable parks for two days. It was wonderfully exhausting.


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