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Vacation Part 4

We went to the Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo and we actually liked the Safari Park more, particularly because the Zoo is full of really steep hills and the Safari Park in general is a lot calmer.

Safari Park:

The Safari Park is fun too because you get to go on a tram that goes inside the enclosures–not that the animals were super closer (you have to pay more for that), but it still feels more authentic. 

And of course the pill bug at the zoo was very entertaining. 

Dillon made fun of me for taking pictures of mallards at a zoo.

Dillon was often pushing the stroller with the backpack on, feeling exhausted.

After the Safari Park, we went to Belmont Park. It was busy, but still fun. We went on rides and got to play laser tag. 

SR loved this little car ride. He went on it twice.

And then the beach, of course. Lots of playing in sand and chasing waves and seagulls. 

MM was soaking wet and covered in sand and she loved it.

That’s enough pictures for one post. One more post to go. By this time in the trip, we were all a bit exhausted, but still having fun.


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