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The End of Vacation

San Diego Zoo:

So while we were at the zoo, we left our bag with our lunch in it with the stroller while we went on the bus. Later, I went to get out some cookies. A cookie fell to the ground. I looked and there was a hole gnawed in the bag of cookies, as well as another hole gnawed in our lunch bag. Apparently a squirrel had decided to get into our food.

After the zoo, we went to the natural history museum.

And finally to a science museum. At both museums, we took full advantage of the 3D and IMAX movies because we were exhausted at that point and we needed naps and some rest.

We had a ten hour drive that went pretty well and finally made it to my parents’ house for Easter.

And that’s pretty much it for vacation.

Other memorable moments:

About an hour after leaving, Dillon asked about his running shoes. I didn’t pack them. Because I had thought when he came home from work, he would take off his work boots and put on the running shoes. But he just wore his work boots on vacation, thinking I had packed his shoes. We had to get him a new pair of shoes.

At one show at Sea World, SR got splashed and started crying, and the announcer mentioned that I had hidden behind my small child to not get wet.

One time, MM got lost at the hotel room and Dillon had to find her enjoying a sucker at the front office.

When we were at the insect house at the zoo, BB asked me to tell him every single name of every single insect.

We basically said no to any souvenirs or extra snacks (which is a great way to stay in budget). But this made it a lot more enjoyable when we just stopped by a gas station and I let the kids pick out whatever treat they liked. It felt like a special treat.

I got the BeanBoozled game and we played it in the evening at Easter–and BB kept coming back for more. He actually threw up because one of the beans was so nasty, and then I wouldn’t let him try any more.

My kids liked simple things–like driving in the car and watching a movie or listening to a book. Or playing games together. They also loved staying in hotel rooms and enjoying the beach. And it was fun to go to the bigger theme parks too, but sometimes the simple things are still the best.


One thought on “The End of Vacation

  1. Love the simple joys you guys find together! Adventures with family are the best. Sometimes the unexpected events make the best memories. ❤


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