Family Life

just life right now

It’s snowing right now. Spring time!

It’s been good to get back into the swing of things after vacation, though I feel like it’s taken forever to feel like I’m back in a pretty good routine. Yesterday, I was making potato salad and cut my finger without noticing. And I had to throw the potato salad away because I got blood in it. I was sad. It tasted really good.

Summer is getting so much closer. The lilacs are out and the tulips are blooming and they are covered in snow. But school will be out in a month. I will have a baby in seven or eight weeks. My kids have birthdays coming up. Life just keeps moving forward, but I’m so happy that it does. I’m progressing and learning and feeling like I’m on the right track and I’m doing what I want. That’s a really good feeling.

These are older pictures that I haven’t shared yet.



Hunting (it’s turkey season):



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