I like to garden, but I don’t usually feel successful. Seeds don’t always germinate. Weeds come up and stay up for much too long. Bare patches happen. Things get eaten.

When something does grow, I get quite excited, though, since my expectations are always somewhat low.

I took out bulbs last fall since they were quite old and needed to be separated. I never put them back in, but it was okay because we still got a nice array of tulips and daffodils and other pretty things.

We went and we planted quite a few seeds and we’ll see what comes up and what doesn’t. Gardening always feels like an experiment to me because I never quite know how it will turn out. 

I put in this front garden. I’m trying to plant some vines in it so that I can have something green in my front yard without getting eaten by the deer and rabbits. 

I don’t have a photo of our back garden at all, but there are things planted in there too–carrots and peas and radishes and lettuce. I’ll plant more after it stops snowing. And hopefully our fence will be sufficient to keep out the wildlife.

With a baby coming in June, everything might die because I might become neglectful. That’s good too. I like trying.


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