Dillon · Heather


My husband graduated with a Master of Natural Resources from Utah State University and a National Environmental Policy Act certificate. I’m very proud of him for all his hard work. When I first married him and started helping him with his homework, he frankly needed a lot of help. We got in some arguments before we figured out how to work with each other better–and he became smarter. My husband became a better writer and a better student and by the time he graduated, he didn’t really need my help (but I still helped proofread/edit because I’ve got to use my English degree sometimes).

I was working on building a sandbox today–one with a lid that turns into a bench–and I didn’t really measure very carefully or care. I was using an old pallet and some old wood from some picnic tables, and just sort of making it fit together. Roughly. Close enough. My husband did come and help me a bit at the end, rolling his eyes at my lack of measuring and making anything square. Sometimes we are really good at things and sometimes we just try and say good enough. (I am not a perfectionist–at all.) I can help my husband with writing; he can help me with construction. Together, we make a pretty good team.

It’s summer outside. We ate watermelon and blew bubbles. And we got out the inflatable swimming pool and yesterday we went to the beach. I thought the water was still freezing, but the kids were swimming in it.

The lilacs are blooming; the trees are growing leaves; the deer are growing antlers again.

MM has fourteen days of kindergarten left. I have somewhere around six weeks until I have my fourth baby.

Things are just good right now.


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