Family Life

keep at it

I’m going to have four kids at home every day and all day in somewhere around six weeks. That will be a lot different, but it’s exciting too.

I am happier when my house is clean. Whenever it isn’t, I have this nagging feeling that I need to clean up something and so I just can’t enjoy myself.

We store all our games in a trunk in the living room and then use it as a card table. Uno is very popular, and my kids are quite good at Spot It too.

My daughter rides the bus once a week–and the one time that there were some problems with the bus and I needed to pick her up, my phone decided it wouldn’t ring at all. And then it died. The principal drove her home–yes, I do live in a very small town.

I feel like I’m finally at a place when I’m living my dream more than chasing it. Part of that is I’ve changed my dreams and made them a lot more realistic. And part of it is just being grateful for what I have right now. Sometimes I still feel a bit unsettled, but when I am kind to myself, I am happy.

When you are kind to yourself, it’s a lot more motivating to get things done. If I’m worrying about everything I should have done, then I just get discouraged and overwhelmed. But instead, sometimes I have to accept that I can’t do everything right now. And that’s fine. If I need to sleep in or spend half the day in pajamas or there are weeds growing or the dishes are a bit behind and the laundry could be folded–it’s fine. Some days and weeks things don’t get done. Sometimes those things just aren’t that important.

But I’m still working towards a lot of good goals. I’m writing my first nonfiction book. I’m working on my yard and gardening to make it look and function better and produce something (maybe–grow, seeds, grow!). I’m trying to teach my kids good things and raise them to be kind and smart–and go and do fun things together as a family. I’m trying to be decently involved in my community and maintain and create friendships. I’d like to get my house deep-cleaned before baby comes. And it feels good to stretch myself. While maintaining the kindness I need when things don’t quite work out how I want.


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