Family Life

Busy May

May is busy.

It’s the end of school and so there are all sorts of extra things–concerts, recitals, graduations, awards, special schools events, etc.

Gardening starts picking up a lot, including planting, watering, weeding, and mowing.

And for me, May is the start of birthday season. All but one birthday in our family is in May, June, or July.

May also is the beginning of the busy season for my husband in his job in state parks, with extra meetings, more visitors, more employees, etc.

Because May wasn’t crazy enough, we also decided to take a trip to Utah to see lots of family.

And did I mention I’m expecting a baby in a month, so I’ve been working on all these projects–deep cleaning my house, building a sandbox, painting my front door, finishing a draft of my first nonfiction book, etc.

I actually have been enjoying it for the most part. Being busy is a lot better than being bored.

We’ve done a lot and there is still lots to do.

How is your May going?



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