Family Life

cows, boat ramps, and beaches

We were out turkey hunting–my husband was hunting, we were just along for the ride–and we stopped while he went chasing a turkey. Ended up in a bunch of cows who thought we were going to feed them. 

And then we went to a boat ramp and played in the water for a bit. I love those sorts of evenings–driving around on dirt roads and stopping at random places and just enjoying life for whatever comes. 

Another time, we went down to the beach because it was warm enough to go swimming. Well, the kids thought it was warm enough. I thought it was still freezing cold in the water.

I’m going to have a baby soon. I’m really not ready. I may have to get read yin a hurry. 

Family time is just the best sort of time. We like to play games and play outside and go places too, like to the lake or on hikes and walks. We saw a toad on a walk together the other day. I think if you can have good, happy time together as a family, the rest of life falls into place and things are happy.


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