Family Life

Trip to Utah

Sometimes when I’m having a really good time, I don’t get out my camera. Particularly when I’m spending time with family, because I’m too involved in conversations or games or whatever to bother to take pictures.

We went to Utah a little bit again to see family. My brother got home from his mission and so we got to see him and then my parents had all their family together–so of course we took a family picture. It was Mother’s Day and my sister and my brother got to speak at church. And then we also went and saw a lot of Dillon’s family since they had a party for his mom, since her birthday was on Mother’s Day this year.

But I don’t have pictures of any of that to put on the blog. It happened, and it was so much fun.

We did also stop by my sister Liz’s house and got to play with her and her kids. That’s the only time I really got my camera out, and that’s because Dillon told me to.


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