My daughter says: “I loved kindergarten. It was very fun.”

She had a great teacher, she learned so much, and she had a lot of fun with her classmates too. She had a very small class of seven kids, and I’ve very much enjoyed being in such a small school, at least for her age. She got quite a bit of attention and she got to go to music, gym, computers, art, or library every other day. And she got to know older kids, even those in junior high and high school.

I wasn’t sure about full-day kindergarten, but it turned out just fine. She was gone a lot, but she was learning and growing too.

I think I’ll like having MM around, though this first day of summer seems really long. It will be different not driving her to school everyday and picking her up and often playing on the playground after school.

End of year concert:


MM got an award for compassion and caring. I was so very proud of that. I would rather my kids be kind than smart.


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