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happy birthday

This little girl is growling up, and it’s wonderful. She loves to learn. She loves friends. She loves just about everyone, when it comes down to it.

With school being out, I was a bit worried about having her around all the time. But I have LOVED her home. Sometimes she gets confused with being bored and wanting something sweet to eat, because they really just seem like the same thing . And she does miss playing with girls her own age every day, and today she locked herself in her bedroom to get away from her brother.

I’ve printed out worksheets to do daily to keep up on learning, and she loves to do them and even starts to do them all by herself. She also likes doing chores, as long as it’s not cleaning up toys. No one in our house likes cleaning up toys, but we all like playing with them. It’s a perpetual problem that is usually solved by Mom cleaning up toys with a little bit of help from some other people.

MM likes silly songs and singing. She plays pretend and has a good imagination, so playing with dolls and building things is one of her favorite things to do.

Side story: Growing up, I didn’t have Barbies often. I do remember a few: and they were naked and had cut hair. Which is why we didn’t have Barbies on a regular basis in the first place. I don’t particularly like Barbies now, partly because they do always end up naked. I’ve read some comments from people about it–some people hate naked Barbies too, and some think that it’s perfectly natural that people get naked and that if you don’t like naked Barbies, you’re a prude. Well, the thing is, Barbies are usually naked while people are usually dressed. For little fingers, it’s hard to put on barbie clothes, and easy to take them off. But of course my daughter wanted Barbies for her birthday. So I got her some Chelsea dolls, which look little girls, and they don’t get naked since their shirts are permanent. She later ordered a large barbie doll with birthday money, but also with a permanent shirt. It works for us.

MM let her brother help open her presents. She is quite good at sharing, and sometimes she does want her own space. That’s the problem with being the oldest: you never quite have your own space unless you elbow it out.


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