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Faith is like a little seed

I plant seeds sometimes without knowing if they are going to grow. And sometimes they surprise me a lot when they do.

We planted rows of lettuce and carrots that came up in abundance. We planted peas along fence lines. We planted radishes–but only about four radishes decided to grow, which is fine because I don’t love radishes anyway.

We planted basil, onions, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplants, and watermelon. We also planted beans, but I haven’t seen them yet and I wonder if I planted them too hastily. We also did some vines in the front yard to hopefully come creeping up our front porch (they are still just twigs with leaves).

I seeded clover in my back lawn, and while sometimes the other weeds overpower it, you can still see it growing up and I hope that eventually that the weeds will die off and be replaced by the lawn and clover.

I’ve let the weeds grow too, seeds that I didn’t plant but came anyway. Some weeds aren’t bad, really. I let some clover grow up in my garden, clover I didn’t plant–but it will build up the soil better, and it looks nice for now. I let the weeds come up in my lawn and mow them down because it’s better than bare spots. And I let the weeds in my garden and I thin them more than eliminate them. There are some weeds that are bad–like thistles and other things that poke and hurt, or weeds that will crowd out the good things I’ve planted.

Sometimes we plant seeds in our life and they grow really well. Sometimes those things surprise us with how well they do–and sometimes they start taking over other things we want to grow as well. We have to thin out our lives regularly, because you can’t grow hundreds of carrots in a small amount of soil.

Sometimes we start projects and new things and they don’t grow quite as well, and we have to give up or realize that it’s just not going to work how we thought. Sometimes we have to make a lot of adjustments.

And then there are times when things we didn’t plant, unexpected things come up, and we have to be flexible. We can’t plan for everything, and sometimes those unexpected things can be beautiful and right.

Sometimes my garden and my life seems a bit chaotic or out of control or just not quite right–but if you look at the whole picture, instead of just the weeds, I can see how much joy and happiness there is in my life. Things aren’t perfect, but they are doing really well.


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