Family Life


Summer is such a wonderful time. It’s our first time when we’ve had a summer break from school and we had to switch our schedules around quite a lot–but our new schedule has been so much fun. We are relaxed most of the time, not too much in a hurry to get to anywhere. A lot of summer we have just spent at home, doing worksheets MM loves her math worksheets I get for her), completing small projects, reading books, and just playing. We watch movies sometimes. Play in our backyard and in the sandbox I built for my kids. Ride bikes (MM finally conquered her fear of riding on two wheels and now she bikes every day and loves it). Go to parks and beaches. It has been so much fun to just spend time with my children, particularly my oldest since she no longer has to be at school so much.

BB says trees are his favorite part of summer. MM says it’s smelling the nice flowers. (SR is currently napping, so unable to answer.)

For me, it’s having days where I don’t have to be anywhere. Days where I can choose to do whatever we want to do. It’s watching my kids play or coaxing them to clean up. I like taking naps, reading books, and walking in the forest. I like making up recipes like blueberry pizza and watching my garden grow. I like seeing the wildlife in and around my backyard. I like trips to the library and visits with friends. In fact, I’m just enjoying life right now. Life is my favorite.


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