Family Life

at the beach

The water is just getting warm enough. But I don’t really love swimming in lakes because it always is a bit cold. My kids don’t mind at all, though. I instruct them to wade or to not get wet, which seems reasonable to me, but they go in fully clothed and get soaking wet anyway.

I no longer have the desire to jump into the water fully clothed. That’s a difference between being a kid and grown-up: I know that even if it’s fun for a moment, I’ll have to deal with wet and sandy clothes later. They think nothing of any consequences, just trying things out and going for it.

Though maybe I think too much of the consequences. I do stick my feet in the water, testing it out, making sure it’s still cold. Cold stops me when it doesn’t stop them. They just want to explore.

I guess I’ve already explored. I’ve already done that. And now I’m happy just watching them.


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